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  • Works With Most Materials

  • Always Smooth Finish

  • DIY & Pro Applications Made Easy


What Our Customers Are Saying:


Howard B.

Memphis, TN

“Perfect. I installed a new oak floor in my living room and thought I’d give this thing a try. Used it on a scrap 2x12 and it worked like a charm. Will not hesitate refinishing all the floors in the house with it. It is quiet and smooth and cuts like the devil.”


James R.

Nicholson, PA

“I am a weekend woodworker who builds tables for sale. Less than 5 months with this thing and I finished 12 coffee and console tables from rough cut from the mill to finished surface. The balance is terrific. It never gouges and always handles beautifully.”


Rick S.

Hales Corners, WI

“Actually bought this for my son, but got to use it building my grandson's crib. Power is great, seems to have good balance, and the semi exposed front roller makes getting into tight spaces acceptable. Its build quality is also great.”


Rated 4.8 by 291 customers

Leave Sanding
to the Pro

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. All you need is a helping hand. All you need is SandPro™.

With SandPro™, you can take down handrail weld fittings or level hardwood flooring.

SandPro™ will help you polish the engine tubes or trim to a scribe line.

Be it freehand shaping or general woodworking, SandPro™ is the right tool for the job.

Delicate reconditioning jobs or wide area burnishing, SandPro™ will rise to the project occasion.

Choose SandPro™ - leave sanding to the pro.


Rated 4.8 by 291 customers

Made Easy

With woodworking, the devil is in the details. Ensuring accurate belt guidance, SandPro™ guarantees uniform grinding, so you’ll always meet that devil.

Working on a modern birdhouse? Covering 180 degrees of the surface at a time, SandPro™ will make it look easy. Rounding thin wood planks or sanding the roughest surfaces, there’s nothing this bad boy cannot handle. Sand some patio chairs or finish that pedestal picnic table project that you’ve abandoned months ago. With SandPro™, the wood is your oyster.

Mediocre sanders tire you out. Armed with an ergonomic handle, SandPro™ reduces hand strain. Carry on, wayward son, there will be little hand fatigue when you’re done.


Rated 4.8 by 291 customers

Polish Metals
Like a Pro

Metalwork is real man’s work. With SandPro™, you’ll get that work done. Using this tool, you can leave the workbench spotless, making the next project less challenging.

Build gates and fences from oilfield pipes? SandPro™ will grind them clean. Little force, little effort. Wrapping the pipes with its belt, SandPro™ burnishes without you applying much pressure. Chromoly or stainless steel, the Pro cares not. Equipped with a high-strength spring, this tool can tackle brutal work like an absolute breeze.

Leave it in professional hands or have the newbie go at it, SandPro™ will always keep the finish smooth.

Why People Choose SandPro


Versatile Application

SandPro™ can work with any non-ferrous metals as well as steel. With its help, you can polish wood or recondition plastic. Grinding or burnishing, SandPro™ will leave behind nothing but a perfect finish.


Uniform Grinding

SandPro™ wraps its belt 180 degrees around the surface, ensuring uniform grinding. General grinding or polishing hard-to-reach corners, the result will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom all the same.



Adopting an ergonomic handle, SandPro™ minimizes hand fatigue. Absorbing pressure, the handle reduces hand strain. Go long. Go hard. Stretch the project out as much as necessary or finish it in one go - the time frame is up to you.


Rated 4.8 by 291 customers

Belt Sander

Limited Time Only

Regulary $199.99
Today $109.99
  • Grinds Most Materials Like Nothing

  • Smooth Finish Guaranteed

  • Fits DIY & Expert Projects

  • Easy to Use Without Prior Experience

  • Tough as Nails & Twice as Durable

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What kind of sanding belt will fit this adapter?

This sanding belt adapter is compatible with 740 x 40 mm as well as 740 x 20 mm sanding belts.

Can you sand wooden handles with it?

Sure. SandPro™ will let you sand anything that can fit between two rollers.

Does the package include sanding belts?

Always. To go with SandPro™, you’ll also receive 5 free sanding belts.

Can this thing handle weld fittings?

Easily. As long as your belt sander can reach ~2,000 RPM, SandPro™ can grind down any non-ferrous metal.

Should I always go with the highest speed setting?

Not necessarily. When you work with materials that can melt (like plastic) or need more control and attention to detail (like with thin wood slices), slowings things down is the way to go.